The SC Network (International)
Type Television Network
Country United Kingdom / Ryanland
Availability National
Slogan Your Favourite Network
Area Ryanland
Owner Sim Broadcasting
Key people Ryan Crim (Founder, CEO) Jane Everette (Co CEO)
Launch date August 28, 2009
Dissolved September 4, 2009
Picture format 480i (SD)

1080i (HD)

The SC Network International is a television network in Ryanland. The original SC Network was founded by Ryan Crim and broadcasts original sims 2 series in the UK/US etc. The international version was founded by Ryan Crim again and started on September 9, 2009. TheSC International is only available in Ryanland.

The International version of the network not only broadcasts original Sims 2 series, but also a lot of the other Sims series that are created by other creators.

The network was closed down just one week after it's launch due to SC Productions taking over the original network and changing it's marketing. The channel later relaunched as SC1 on Septmeber 6, 2009.


The SC Network arose from an announcement by the original SC Network and also from Ryan TV that The SC Network was coming to Ryanland. TheSCNetwork replaced declining television network TIR, and therefore took the 106 spot on Cleverbest +. Then in May 2009, the network went across the sim community and bought quite a lot of sims 2 series to be broadcasted on the network. After that, The SC Network then announced that the channel would not begin and would therefore be replaced again by struggling channel TIR. But 1 week later the allogations were pulled back and the network was going to exist. However, the network closed on September 4, 2009, and opened SC1, exactly the same, but on cable.


A lot of sims 2 dramas and reality shows are broadcasted on this network. The following list is the list of programmes broadcasted now, and previously broadcasted.

Programmes BroadcastedEdit

  • Sim's Next Top Model (SNTMcentral)
  • Newport Beach
  • Blue Hill
  • Life In Simsville
  • All We Are
  • Family Affairs
  • Salem
  • East Point
  • Call It Karma
  • Freako High Academy
  • Rain
  • The L List
  • Growing Up
  • My Life
  • Cheaters