Ryan Crim
Born Ryan Crim

23 August, 1998 (age 12) Essex, UK

Occupation President of Ryanland

Producer, TV Creator, editor etc.

Years active 1998-present
Previous Ryanland President Ryan Garret
Following President TBA

Ryan Crim was born in 1998 and was immediatly the head of Ryanland, however, he didn't really start working until 2004. Ryan Garret was the president before Ryan Crim. In 2003, Ryan also created his own television network RyanTV and has also created shows for that network and the Sims World.

Ryanland PresidentEdit

Ryan Crim has had to face a lot of problems with Ryanland, including the Ryan City hurricane of 2007 which caused destruction and the raid of RKS. But he has made the country more modern since before and has introduced a lot of new tv, music, radio and more to the country, For 2011-12, a Disneyland Ryanland will be finished building in Uniforfe and hopefully will be ready for opening late 2011, early 2011.

RyanTV and TV WorkEdit

Ryan founded RyanTV in 2003 after the merge between Dramatic Channel and theRN. He introduced a lot of new shows to the network. It is now 101 on CleverbestTV. Ryan has also created TV shows; The Chimp Adventures, All About Us, Jessica and Playmobil. He has also created a movie called 'Teddy Island'. In 2009, Ryan also started a sims based network and has also brought that network to Ryanland. He has created Sim's Next Top Model, Newport Beach, Desiderata Valley, Photofierc and more!.

Shows CreatedEdit

  • The Chimp Adventures (2003-present)
  • All About Us (2008-present)
  • Playmobil (2007-present)
  • Jessica (2011-present)
  • Life (2004-present) (Life has been running since 1998)
  • Teddy Island (Film that has had 3 installments, 4th coming 2011.)
  • Sim's Next Top Model (2009-present)
  • Newport Beach (2011-present)
  • Desiderata Valley (2011-present)