# Title Directed Written Original air date viewers
1 1 "The Pilot" Ryan Crim Ryan Crim September 25, 2007 5.12
Sisters, Katie and Casey move to Playmoville in search for a new life and they move into their new house. They then go to the local coffee house and meet other residents, Jason, Jon and Marie and befriend them. Jason and his wife Rhianna go out for dinner, but Rhianna leaves earlier because of work. A woman approaches Jason when Rhianna leaves and she flirts with him. Marie and Casey talk and Casey reveals she is pregnant with Katie's boyfriends, baby. Jon and Katie go out to a club and explore the city.
2 2 "Wake Up, It's 6AM" Ryan Crim Ryan Crim October 2, 2007 4.43
Jason wakes up in a mysterious house, but then he realises that he slept with the woman from the restaurant, so he rushes out. He arrives home and tells Rhianna work called him in. Jon asks Katie to a wedding of his cousin but Katie didn't think they were dating, and that it was too soon. So Jon storms out. Marie tries to persuade Casey to tell Katie about the baby, but Casey feels betrayed so she also storms out. Jason keeps getting phone calls and texts from the woman he slept with, so he sent her a text telling her to stay away.
3 3 "Staying Away" Ryan Crim Ryan Crim October 9, 2007 4.38
Marie goes to see Katie to try and tell her about the baby, but then Katie reveals that her boyfriend wants to start things up again and is coming to the city. Marie needs to warn Casey, so she goes to her house but Katie's boyfriend is already there and he talks to her about the baby, Marie tells them and Casey runs to pack her bags, but Marie tells her to stay. Jason feels relieved that the woman hasn't contacted him for a long time. Katie tells Jon that she actually has a boyfriend, and Jon still is angry with her. While Rhianna makes the dinner, someone knocks on the door, so Jason answers and behind the door is the woman he slept with.
4 4 "She's On My Doorstep" Ryan Crim Ryan Crim October 16, 2007 2.43
Jason whispers to the woman telling her to go away, meanwhile telling Rhianna it's the handyman. She reveals her name to be Brooke and that she's not leaving until he tells Rhianna. But Rhianna is standing behind Jason, she asks what they need to tell her about. Meanwhile Katie's boyfriend comes to see her and tells her they can't start things up again, but not why, Katie is devastated and calls Casey and tells her. Casey feels depressed and talks to Marie, but Marie isn't answering her door. Jason finally tells Rhianna about the affair and Rhianna gets angry and throws him out of the house.
5 5 "All By Myself" Ryan Crim October 23, 2007 2.49
Jason goes to stay with Jon, however Jon doesn't like what he did. Katie tries desperately to talk to Jon and when she finally does and tells him what happened, he just says he's just a rebound and he's not being treated like that. Marie still won't answer the door, so Casey tells everyone else and decides to call the police. When the police get there, she's not in the house. Casey tries to call her but she won't answer. Jason tries to meet up with Rhianna, but it appears she has left too. But there is an address written down, so he and his friends go to the address.
6 6 "Hostage, She Wrote" Ryan Crim Ryan Crim October 30, 2007 4.87
The friends arrive at the location and break inside, Jon and Jason pick up metal bars, while the girls stay behind them. They could hear muffled talking and bashed the door down. Rhianna was standing there with a gun and Marie was tied up on the chair. Jason tries desperately to stop it, but Rhianna reveals she is going to punish him by killing his friends one by one. The girls start to panic and try to hatch a plan, but they are all tied to the chair. Rhianna exits and they try to think of a plan. Rhianna comes back and walks in with Brooke, and shoots her in front of them, she dies and they all cry and panic. Rhianna reveals she's going to do that to every one of them.
7 7 "

Mentally Unstable"

Ryan Crim Ryan Crim November 6, 2007 4.51
After the sudden death of Brooke, they all start to panic, Rhianna again exits the room and they still try and think of a plan, but then Casey realises she has a phone in her pocket. She manages to get it out, but it rings and Rhianna comes storming in. But at a quick speed, Casey hits Rhianna around the head with her phone and kicks her. She reaches over to a sharp object and cuts her ropes and does the same to everyone else. She calls the police and they come immediatly, but they hear a gunshot before they go. Rhianna shot herself and died.
8 8 "Recovery" Ryan Crim Ryan Crim November 13, 2007 3.12
Jason, despite everything, mourns over Rhianna's death. He won't leave the house and won't let anyone in. Katie still tries to patch things up with Jon, but sees him with her sister and immediatly think he's dating her. Katie confronts Casey and Casey tells her that they are dating and it shouldn't be a problem. Marie is in hospital for her broken leg, and Casey goes to see her and she tells Marie she is not going to tell Katie about the baby, at least not until it's obvious. Marie agrees and says, you have to wait until the right time. Jason goes to South Mobil Beach to tell Rhianna's parents about herddeath, and breaks down after and accidently runs someone over after drinking.
9 9 "Drunk and Deadly" Ryan Crim Ryan Crim November 20, 2007 2.78
On the news it's revealed a man was hit by a car and he died, Jason panics and drives his car into a river, and gets out in time. He keeps drinking and doesn't stop. Casey and Jon go out for dinner and Casey tells him about her pregnancy and begs him not to tell Katie, he is resistant at first but finally gives in. Marie leaves hospital and goes straight back to her house and calls her brother, but before she calls him she see's on the news about the hit and run and Marie cries and reveals the man who died was her brother.
10 10 "Guilt, Regret and Lies" Ryan Crim Ryan Crim November 27, 2007 2.56
Marie meets the group and tells them about her brothers death, Jason feels extra guilty and can't stand sitting there any more, so he lies and tells the group he needs to go to work and he leaves. He goes to a bar and drinks. Casey wants her and Jon to take it to the 'next level' so she tries to get him into bed, but he kisses her and says he's not ready. Casey lies and says it's okay. Katie speaks to Marie about stuff and Marie almost revealed Casey's baby after a bit of amnesia but then she remembers and changes the subject. Jason ends up passing out and wakes up beaten up in an alley.
11 11 "Beaten" Ryan Crim Ryan Crim December 4, 2007 2.77
Jason stays in his home so no one can see his injuries, even though the others keep calling him and coming to his house. Casey keeps trying to get Jon into bed but they all fail, so she seeks her sister for help. But her sister doesn't want to talk about it, but doesn't tell her that the reason she didn't want to talk about it is because she liked Jon. Marie goes to a councillor about the hostage incident and tells her about her brother dying. Jason then moves away from drinking and onto drugs, and keeps spending his money on it all. But then, he doesn't know but he left his keys on the doorstep and Katie walks in and finds the drugs.
12 12 "Addicts" Ryan Crim Ryan Crim December 11, 2007 3.19
Jason walks in with Katie holding the drugs, she asks what he's been doing and he then breaks down and cries. Katie comforts him and tells him it's going to be okay. Marie tries to walk without her crutches and succeeds. Casey and Jon finally move to the next level, but Jon regrets it in the morning and says Casey forced it on him and h storms out. Casey calls Katie and Katie tells her about Jason and his drug problem. Casey fells awkward how Katie told her a secret, but Casey can't tell Katie her secret. Jason, who was told to stop, continues to take drugs and it is revealed his dealer is Katie's ex boyfriend and the father of Casey's baby. They did not know, but Marie saw them.
13 13 "Money and Dealers" Ryan Crim Ryan Crim January 8, 2008 3.04
Marie, keeps trying to confront Casey and Katie about the dealer, but if she told Casey, then Katie would find out about the baby. Casey goes to see Katie about the baby, but fails when Jon comes ain and they end up having a long conversation. Jason starts to run out of money, but still continues to buy drugs and ends up not being able to afford food. He goes to Katie but she asks for the dealers name and Jason told her his name was Joseph Harper, and Katie knew that was her ex boyfriend.
14 14 "My Ex-Boyfriend's A Drug Dealer!" Ryan Crim Ryan Crim January 15, 2008 2.47
Katie tells Jason to stay away from the dealer and get off drugs, but he still continues to take them. Katie tells Marie about the dealer but Marie tells her she already knew. Katie gets angry with her and storms out, Marie feels awful and goes to see Casey. Casey tells Marie that she is going to tell Katie about the baby, Marie says she'll help her. Jon tells Casey that he can't handle their relationship and Katie hears and is relieved for herself, but then realises she can't go out with him because he dated her sister. Jason ends up being evicted from his house so he goes to Katie and she tells him to go to rehab.
15 15 "Revelations" Part 1 Ryan Crim Ryan Crim January 22, 2008 4.23
Katie takes Jason to rehab but he runs back and drives away with her car. Casey, with Marie goes to Katie's house to tell her about the baby but she's not there. Jon meets a woman and they go out but then he feels awkward and leaves. Marie tries to call Katie, but she won't answer, so she tries to find her. Meanwhile Katie is still stranded so takes a bus home, but ends up going to her old town and accidently runs into her ex boyfriend and tells him to stay away, so he does and she ends up getting home. Casey and Marie confront Katie about the baby, but just before she tells her, Casey screams and gets pains in her stomach, but she's only a few months along.
16 16 "Revelations" Part 2 Ryan Crim Ryan Crim January 29, 2008 3.68
Katie and Marie immediately take Casey to the hospital and it is revealed she is having a miscarriage. Casey then tells her about the baby and Katie tells her that the reason might be because her ex is a drug addict and sells drugs to Jason, that may be why she had a miscarriage. Jason arrives at the hospital drunk and is taken by security and Katie and Jon tell him to go to rehab, so the hospital sends him to rehab. When Katie returns home she can hear noises so she goes into the bedroom and sees her ex, she tries to get away but he grabs her, she screams and tells her not to tell anybody or else.