All About Us


Episode no. Season 1
Episode 1
Directed by Ryan Crim
Written by
  • Ryan Crim
Production code 101
Original air date November 14, 2008
Running time 49 minutes
Guest stars
*Hailey Bearston as Flight Attendent
  • Nathan Werebear as Police Officer
  • Kacey Calver as Amy
Episode chronology

"The Birthday Party"
All About Us (season 1)

List of All About Us episodes

The pilot episode of the television series All About Us premiered on the RBC Network on November 14, 2008. The pilot was written and directed by series creator Ryan Crim. The series is a spin-off from hit RBC show, The Chimp Adventures which has been running for almost eight seasons. The pilot episode introduces some of the characters from The Chimp Adventures and some new characters and starts with Jessica and Blue (from TCA) returning to Teddy Island and meeting the residents.

The public and critics were not too excited for the series to premiere as they thought it would be too alike to The Chimp Adventures and that a new teddy drama would ruin Ryanland television.

However, it was a turn around when the pilot aired, gaining 4.75 million Ryanland viewers. This episode was the season 1 high and is the highest viewed episode to date, in second place is the second episode of the first season entitled "The Birthday Party" gaining 4.27 million viewers.


The idea started when the background characters of The Chimp Adventures (Jessica and Blue) weren't getting enough on the show, so it was decided that there needed to be another series going into their lives more. So in January 2008, Ryan Crim teamed up ....

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