Paul Freidman Television
Type Broadcast Television Network
Country Ryanland
Availability National
Slogan Putting The PF In TV
Area Ryanland, Ryan Islands
Owner Cleverbest Television: 50% Entertainment Inc: 50%
Key people

Marcus Langford (Chairman)

Sabrina Washington (President, Entertainment)

Launch date September 12, 2001
Picture format 480i (SD)

720p/1080i (HD)

Callsign meaning Paul Freidman Television

The Paul Freidman Television Network (PFtv) is a television network in Ryanland launched at the beginning of the 2001-2002 television season. It is a joint venture between Cleverbest Television and Entertainment Inc. The "PFtv" name is derived from the initials of the founder of the network Paul Freidman (who died just a few weeks after founding. The network features a lineup of shows that, according to its President of Entertainment Sabrina Washington, "appeal to people 18 to 34-years-old". The network currently airs programming Monday-Friday and Sunday's (PFtv did air on Saturdays shortly but later returned the time to affiliates). The network starts airing programming at 6/5e and continues until 11/10e.

The network debuted programming after Paul Freidman founded the network, however after his death, Cleverbest Television and Entertainment Inc. wouldn't let the network go, so they joined forces and created the network. From 2001-2004, PFtv was a cable network, however in early 2005, the network tried to be a major network, however failed, so is considered just one step outside.

On March 31, 2011 the chairman of Cleverbest Television said that they company would leave the network later this year. It is still unknown if Entertainment Inc. will get 100% of the network, or other companies like Ryan Broadcasting or Drama Television will join them (they have expressed some interest, but nothing is official).