The following is a list of cable and satellite networks broadcasting or receivable in the Ryanland, organized by genre.

  • Various networks will be transferred from Ryan Broadcasting to other broadcasting providers in late 2011 to early 2012.
  • TeddyTV, SpyIT and RTN N&IN will be closing down in 2011.


Name HD Owner Notes Launched
Education Planet Yes Education Television Formerly, EdPlanet 1997
DocuTV Yes Baber Networks Also available in Cintrean 2001
TheView No View Networks 2007
MSE Yes Museam Service Entertainment 1993
Education Science Yes Education Television Formerly, EdScience 2000
Education Amazing Yes 2006
Education History Yes Formerly, EdHistory 1998
Education Exams Yes 2011
RMC No Ryan Broadcasting 2003
AutoTV No Baber Networks Also available in Cintrean 1999
C&JTV Yes Entertainment Inc. 1999
CBA Yes 2001
BioNetwork Yes 1989
Think It No Ryanland Service Networks 1997
Education Abroad Yes Education Television 2008
MilitaryTelevision Yes Baber Networks Also available in Cintrean 2005
BioNetwork International Yes Entertainment Inc. Cintrean 1993
HistoryMilitaryTV Yes Baber Networks Also available in Cintrean 2007
Investigation Broadcasting No Crime Networks 1979
Research Network Yes Ryan Broadcasting Available in Cintrean 2001
Science Network Yes Ryan Broadcasting Available in Cintrean 1999
CNH No Cintree Networks Cintrean 2005
Island Education TV No Cintrean 2003
ThinkCintree No Cintrean 2000


Name HD Owner Notes
ActvisionTV Yes Entertainment Inc. Also referred to as ActTV,
AMC Yes Ryan Broadcasting
GenHorror Yes Ryan Broadcasting A subchannel to GenerationTV.
NTRyanland No Columbia Networks
Now! No I Broadcasting Plans to go HD will commence Summer 2011.
PNS Yes Philip Network System Stands For Philip Network System.
CannonTV Yes Columbia Networks
202 Network Yes JustTV Available exclusively to Eastern Ryanland
MaTV No MATelevision Available exclusively to North & South Mahanhaim
Ryan Network Yes Cleverbest Television
CTV Comedy Yes Cleverbest Television Comedy from the original CTV channel.
WPE Yes Woman Productions Female Orientated Programming.
GlamNetwork No JustTV
Thrill Yes Philip Network System Horror and Thriller programming.
Go West Yes JustTV Available exclusivel to Western Ryanland
MySyndTV Yes Drama Television MyTV subchannel. Syndicated programming.
ComedyTV Yes Baber Networks Reruns and some original comedy programming.
PNT Yes Philip Network System Original drama programming.
TV5 Yes Columbia Networks
WPE Drama No Woman Productions WPE Subchannel, drama reruns suited for women.
Talk Network No Woman Productions Talk Shows. Plans to go HD commence Fall 2011.
SciFi Net. Yes Entertainment Inc. Science-Fiction programming.
FutureTV Yes JustTV
EX Yes Entertainment Inc.
ShineTV No View Networks
CDT Yes Crime Networks Stands for Crime Drama Television.
Cult Network Yes Classic Broadcasting Classic Television shows.
Hydrogen Yes Multi View Networks Mostly drama programming
Neon Yes Mostly comedy programming
RCN No View Networks Reality Central Networks. Reality Shows programming.
Real Yes Ryan Broadcasting Reality Shows
Slogan Yes Multi View Networks Mostly crime programming
SOAPtv No Cleverbest Television Classic Soap reruns.
It! Network Yes MTN Television Celebrity and Gossip
TelTV No Columbia Networks
CiT No Cintree Networks Cintrean Network, Drama and Comedy.
CalTV Yes Callumland Broadcasting Callumland Network.
Look Yes Multi View Networks Modern Programming.
UNI net. Yes Cleverbest Television International Programming.
AIR Yes Entertainment Inc. Australian Programming.
Mode Network No View Networks
HereoTV No Cintree Networks Cintrean Network, Sci-Fi programming.
RC Network Yes Ryan City Networks Available exclusively to Ryan City.
MultiView Yes Multi View Networks
MyShowsTV Yes Drama Television Reruns Programming. Mostly drama and comedy.
ZBN Yes Zaira Broadcasting Networks
XOXO Network Yes MTN Television
TeddyTV Yes Ryan Broadcasting Teddy programming reruns.
Gen2 TBA Ryan Broadcasting Upcoming syndication network, sister to GenerationTV
Esynd TBA Entertainment Inc. Upcoming syndication network, sister to ERC

Kids and FamilyEdit

Name HD Owner Notes
Disney Channel Yes Disney Formerly The Disney Channel.
Ryan K.I.D.S Yes Ryan Broadcasting Aimed at ages 7-13.
RyNick Yes MTV Networks/Ryan Broadcasting Nickelodeon in international countries.
CTV Family Yes Cleverbest Television
Cool Kidz No Multi View Broadcasting Aimed at ages 4-8.
TeenRyan Yes Ryan Broadcasting Teen version of Ryan K.I.D.S, aimed at ages 11-15.
RBC Family Yes Ryan Broadcasting
TotsTV No Entertainment Inc. Aimed at ages 2-6..
ToonKidz No Multi View Broadcasting Toon/animated programming.
Classic Kids Yes Entertainment Inc. Mainly children programming from 70s-90s.
Family First Yes Kids And Family Networks
Ryan P.L.A.Y. Yes Ryan Broadcasting Younger version of Ryan K.I.D.S aimed at ages 2-6.
The Network Yes Reruns of popular family orientated shows.
FunLandTV No Kids And Family Networks
RSN Kids Yes Ryanland Service Networks Sub-channel of RSN, aimed at ages 6-10.
RSN Teen Yes Sub-channel of RSN, aimed at ages 10-15.
HappyTV No Kids And Family Networks Aimed at ages 3-6.
Starry Eyes Yes Entertainment Inc. Aimed at ages 4-8.
SciFi Kids Yes Science-Fiction Kids Programming.
MyTeen Yes Drama Television Aimed at ages 9-14. Sub-channel of MyTV.
CiTV Kids No Cintree Networks Cintrean Kids Network, aimed at ages 6-10.
Juniorz Yes Cleverbest Television Aimed at ages 3-6.
Kidz Yes Aimed at ages 7-11.
Teenz Yes Aimed at ages 10-14.
Showscene. Yes Family .
NETnet. No Kids Reruns.
Retro Net. No View Networks Japanese Animation.
SpyIT No Ryan Broadcasting Kids programming containing spys.
Entertain Yes Entertainment Inc.
LearnScape No Baber Networks Educational Kids Programming.

Lifestyle & CultureEdit

Name HD Owner Notes
MyFoodNetwork Yes Drama Television Food Programming.
MyLifeNetwork Yes General Life Programming.
HOMEnet. Yes Cleverbest Television Home related Programming.
EX Life Yes Entertainment Inc.
Garden No Multi View Broadcasting
FashionTV No Fashion & Style Networks
NLTN Yes Zaira Broadcasting Networks Nature & Landscape Television Network
Style Central No Fashion & Style Networks
RecipE Yes Entertainment Inc. Recipe Entertainment
TRAVELnet. Yes Cleverbest Television
NHN No Janston Health Networks National Health Network
Fame Network No Lifestyle National Networks Lives Of Rich Celebrities
Green Planet Yes Multi View Broadcasting
Studio 60 Fitness No Janston Health Networks
LiveYoungTV Yes Ryan Broadcasting
Medic No Columbia Networks
Life & Time No Cintree Networks Cintrean
CinFoodTV No
DIY Central Yes Lifestyle National Networks
KeepFit Yes Janston Health Networks


Name Owner HD Notes
Together Drama Together Television Yes Drama/Romance Movies
Together Horror Yes Horror/Thriller Movies
Together Action Yes Action/Adventure Movies
Together Sci-Fi Yes Sci-Fi Movies
Family First Movies Kids And Family Networks Yes Family Orientated Movies
HOME theatre Sunshine Media Yes
MyMovies Drama Television Yes
TheMovieNetwork Cleverbest Television Yes
View3D Ryan Broadcasting 3D HD & 3D 3D Movies (only available to 3D televisions)
Philip Movie Central Philip Network System No
RBCMovies Ryan Broadcasting Yes
RTNMovies Yes
ERCMovies Entertainment Inc.


GenMovies Ryan Broadcasting Yes
MultiPlex Sunshine Media


NMT National Movies Television No National Movies Television
TAB Network Bow Networks Yes Take A Bow Network
ClassicMovies Philip Network System No Classic Movies of all time.
IslandMovies Ryan Broadcasting Int. Yes Ryan Islands
CPT Cintree Pictures Television No Cintrean
TheSouthTV Movies View Networks No Available exclusively to Southern Ryanland
ClassMusicals Entertainment Inc. Yes Mostly musicals (sometimes normal movies).
Together3D Together Television HD & 3D 3D Movies (only available in 3D televisions).


Name HD Owner Notes
RBCM Yes Ryan Broadcasting Ryan Broadcasting Company Music, Top 100, Up to date music.
DanceHits! Yes Hit Networks Up to date dance music, hip hop, techno, pop music.
ClassicHits! No Classic hits from decades into the past.
UTDMusic Yes Up To Date Music Up to date music.
UTDCharts Yes Top 100, top 40 R&B and more, even international charts.
Choice No Choice Broadcasting Older to newer music.
RyanRadioTV Yes Ryan Broadcasting All of that up to date music, now on television.
HipHopTV No Hit Networks Hip Hop music from around the globe. Includes R&B.
PopTV No Pop music from around the globe. Includes techno and R&B.
CMTV Yes Country Music Television Country Music Television, all the best country music.
NativeMusic No Cintree Networks Native Cintrean Music.
ClassicCintree No Classic Cintrean Music.
MT Yes MT Networks Music related programming, Music Television.
MT2 Yes Formerly MTwo.
MT Classic No Classic Music.
MT Jazz No Jazz Music.
MT Techno Yes Techno Music.
MT Popsicle Yes Pop Music. New 2011.
RockStation No Station Networks Classic and new rock music.
RockStation2 No More rock music.
MusicE Yes Entertainment Inc. Various old and new music.
SoulStation No Station Networks Classic and new soul music.
TGT Network Yes Choice Broadcasting Those Good Times Network, music from 50s to 90s.
TempoTuner Yes Ryan Broadcasting Up to date, up-tempo songs.
TMS Yes MT Networks The Music Station, music programming and reality.
TMS Classic Yes Documentaries with the people who made fame in music.
TMS Smooth No Soul, R&B, funk and jazz songs.
MyPop Yes Drama Television Up to date pop songs.
MyMusic Yes Various music.
TopStation No Station Networks Charts.

News and informationEdit

Name HD Owner Notes
ERC News Network Yes Entertainment Inc. News around the country.
NNTV Yes News Now Television News Now Television.
BoomTV No Boom News Television
NBCTV Yes Cleverbest Television
NBCTV World Yes World News
RBC National News Yes Ryan Broadcasting
BN Yes Business Network
RBC World News No World News
RiNews Yes Ryan Islands and surrounding news.
RBCNB2 No Ryan Broadcasting Company News & Business 2.
ON No Official News Broadcasting Follows official news around the world.
ON2 No Follows the government.
ON Extra No Follows the public opinions.
MyNews Yes Drama Television
RTN N&IN Yes Ryan Broadcasting National & International News.
POTV No News Now Television Public Opinion Television.
Weather Network Yes Weather Central Net. National Weather.
IntWeather Network Yes International Weather.
TV Guide Ryanland Yes Ryan Broadcasting TV Guide.
ProtestTV No Drama Television Protest Television.
CelebNews Yes Entertainment Inc. Latest celebrity news.


Name HD Owner Notes
ERCsports Yes Entertainment Inc.
CTVsports Yes Cleverbest Sports Television Various sports.
RaceCTV Yes Car Racing.
CTVsports2 Yes Various Sports.
CTVsportsEX Yes Various Sports.
CTVsportsNEWS Yes Sports News.
CTVColSports No College Sports.
CTV Sports Class No Classic Sports.
TennisCTV Yes Tennis.
GolfCTV Yes Golf.
RBCsport Yes Ryan Sports Broadcasting Various Sports
RBCsport2 Yes
RBCNSports Yes
RBCcollegesport. No
RBCSportRadio No
RBCsoccer No
MarvaSport. Yes Marva Sports Corp. Various Sports
TradSport No Traditional Sports Networks Various Sports
Ath101 Yes JustTV Sports Athletics.
HorseRaceTV Yes Horse Racing
RTNSport Yes Ryan Sports Broadcasting Various Sports
TopSport.TV Yes Top Sports Networks Various Sports
SpeedNet. No Cleverbest Sports Television Car Racing
Team Channel No Various Team Sports
SportingWeek Yes Marva Sports Corp. Various sports


Name HD Owner Notes
ShopRBC Yes Ryan Broadcasting
RKSBeauty Yes Kerching Co. Main channel RKS shop, is free.
FasionStyleShop No Fashion & Style Networks
HOMEshop No Multi View Television
RKSToys Yes Kerching Co. Main channel RKS shop, is free.
GemShop Yes
DiY Central No Entertainment Inc.
Value Shopping Network No Value Networks
QVC Ryanland Yes QVC Ryanland Originally formed in the US.
BeACelebShop No Fashion & Style Networks
CintSHOP No Cintree Networks Cintrean
ValueCintree No
MoneyValue.TV Yes Top Shopping Broadcasting
MoneyValue.TV2 No
MoneyValue.TV Extra No
MusicShop Yes Kerching Co.
TechCO. No Lifestyle Shopping
MakeupShow No
FILMnet. Yes Cleverbest Television
ShopCraze! No Multi View Networks
MyShop Yes Drama Television
MyShop2 No
LOOKshop No Fashion & Style Networks
FooD Net. Yes Cleverbest Television
Shopzi! No Shopzi Corp.