The following is a list of episodes for ERC dramedy television series Crazy Girls. A total of 16 episodes have been produced over the series single season.


Season Episodes Series premiere Viewers (m) Series finale DVD Release
Region 1 Region 2 Region 4
1 16 September 22, 2000 1.81 March 9, 2001 January 17, 2005 June 9, 2005 December 1, 2005

List of episodesEdit

Sixteen episodes of Crazy Girls were aired from September 22, 2000 to 2001. The series was then cancelled due to a large decline in the ratings.

Season 1 : 2000-2001Edit

Title Written by Air Date Viewers (Millions)
1 1 "The Pilot" Sandra Bowen September 22, 2000 11.86
Lizzie moves to Tipperson for a new life and realises that her old friends Emma and Daisy live there too. They immediatly meet up and then they introduce Lizzie to their friends. Alex and Will go out to the club and meet a new guy called Ryan who has just moved in. Betsie thinks about her relationships.
2 2 "Relationship Lessons" Jason Clark September 29, 2000 10.91
Alex and Will take Ryan on a girl hunt and he meets Natalie Jones (Annie Deatson) and they end up in bed together. The local mailman Andrew (Jacques Wilson) bonds with the group and ends up quitting his job to be friends with everyone. The girls take a drip downtown and meet Freesia Elliot (Danni Sarson) and alcoholic on the streets and they bring her back home.
3 3 "Heartbroken" Yoanna Hills October 6, 2000 10.56
Natalie runs from Ryan and says it was a mistake and they shouldn't be together. Ryan feels heartbroken so he finds the first person he can see to talk to. Hee sees a new girl, she reveals her name to be Kate and they talk. Lizzie is worrying that Freesia is drinking again so she demands her to go to rehab, but she refuses. Andrew visits Daisy and they talk until it leads to them kissing. Natalie feels terrible so Alex comforts her and they sleep together.
4 4 "Lies" Quentin Ives October 13, 2000 10.07
Will talks to Emma about their mother's death and they visit her gravestone. Alex and Natalie feel awful after them sleeping together and they both decide it's best not to tell Ryan. Freesia is missing and Lizzie, Emma and Daisy go out to find her. Andrew applies for a job as a taxi driver, but Betsie is his interviewer. Natalie apologizes to Ryan and they get back together, but Ryan doesn't know about her and Alex.
5 5 "Betrayal and Failures" Ada Cohen October 20, 2000 10.34
Andrew and Daisy talk and they get together. Ryan and Natalie go out on a date and Ryan confesses that he did spend time with a girl called Kate, Natalie feels so bad now. Will decides it's time for a relationship and asks his sister Emma for help. Freesia turns up back at Lizzie's house and falls into the river outside. Alex tries to keep his distance with Ryan, but Ryan knows something is up. Betsie hires Andrew.
6 6 "Discoveries" Ada Cohen October 27, 2000 9.56
The group throws a party for Andrew and Kate turns up at Ryan's doorstep asking if they can be together. He declines and says he has a girlfriend. Natalie tells Alex it's time to tell Ryan about them, but Alex gets angry and pushes Natalie down the stairs. She is taken to hospital and covers for Alex and says she tripped. Lizzie still doesn't know where Freesia is, until her body is discovered miles away in the river.
7 7 "Secrets Come Out" Jack Reyes November 3, 2000 9.22
Will finally finds a girl called Brooke (Daphne Clarkson) and thanks Emma for the help, Emma immediatly is called by Lizzie and she tells her about Freesia. They spread her ashes in the river. Natalie tells Ryan about the relationship between her and Alex and he leaves her and him and Kate kiss and get together. Betsie feels that Andrew is underworking so asks Daisy talk about firing him, not knowing Daisy and Andrew are together.
8 8 "I Realise" Frank Ardington November 10, 2000 9.67
Betsie fires Andrew and he says it's okay. Daisy and Andrew reveal there relationship to the group and Natalie is released from hospital and walks in on Ryan and Kate together. Brooke and Will go out and she reveals that she killed someone before and Will gets confused and leaves. Lizzie is still caught up in the Freesia drama and visits a physciatrist. Natalie asks Alex if they could be together, but Alex refuses and says you betrayed me.
9 9 "Double Dates and Farewells" Anni Edwardson November 17, 2000 9.56
Will and Brooke meet up again and she says that she lied to get his attention, but it didn't work. Lizzie keeps seeing Freesia around the town, but it's just her imagination. Ryan, Kate and Andrew, Daisy have a double date and there is some tension between Andrew and Ryan because they used to be high school enemies. Betsie's business is in trouble so Alex lends her some money. Despite the money, Betsie's business is shut down and she has a tearful farewell.
10 10 "Commitements" Sandra Bowen November 24, 2000 9.08
Betsie moves in with Lizzie to help her get on with her life, but Betsie finds drugs in Lizzie's cupboard. Kate and Ryan think about taking a vacation to Hawaii and they book their tickets. Andrew and Daisy move in together but Daisy says she can't do it anymore and walks away. Will finds out a mysterious caller has been phoning Brooke for the past few weeks, so he calls the person and they say that he is ready for the kill.
11 11 "Threaten" Jason Clark December 1, 2000 8.57
Will goes on a hunt for Brooke but he can't find her, so he phones the mysterious caller again but he gets no answer. Andrew talks to Alex for advice for Daisy but Alex refuses. Betsie finds Lizzie's drug dealer, Jon (Johnny Joe) and threatens to kill him. Ryan and Kate leave for Hawaii, but a mysterious woman picks up a gun and shoots Ryan, Kate panics and screams for help, but then she is shot too.
12 12 "Bullet To My Heart" Sandra Bowen January 12, 2001 8.14
The group go to the hospital and wait for Ryan and Kate to pull through. Meanwhile Betsie goes home and tells Lizzie to get off the drugs, she says she will. Jessica Chalke (Jenny Evans) the town's detective gets to work on the Ryan and Kate case. Andrew asks Daisy to be together again, but she still refuses, and that she's not ready. Emma and Daisy take a walk and she tries to persuade Daisy to get back with Andrew. Everyone returns to the hospital when a doctor confronts the group and tell them that they didn't make it.
13 13 "A Lasting Goodbye" Brittany Bowes January 19, 2001 7.80
Brooke has been keeping her distance from everyone, and Will confronts her about the phone calls and she is speechless. Jessica visits the residents of the town to find out about the murder, and a man called Javier (Sam Reynolds) seems very suspicious. Daisy and Andrew get together and they immediately sleep together. The group visit Ryan and Kate's funeral and it's a sad day for everyone.
14 14 "Arrested" Tom Davis January 26, 2001 7.54
Jessica finds evidence that Javier owned a gun, and arrested him for the murder. Lizzie goes back on drugs again and Betsie finds her on the ground, unconscious. Jon, the drug dealer is also arrested for drug dealing and requests to see Betsie. Emma feels alone, so goes out and ends up in a gay bar, by accident. Betsie and Jon talk and he begs her to cover for him, but she refuses and he is taken away.
15 15 "I Saw Who Killed Them" Jason Clark March 2, 2001 7.13

Emma almost ends up in bed with another woman, so quickly goes home and forgets about it. Lizzie wakes up in rehab and feels so angry she runs and escapes. Javier reveals that the reason he has a gun is that he is an FBI agent, so Jessica and Javier work together to find the murderer. Natalie returns from a trip to her family and tells Jessica and Javier that she saw who killed Kate and Ryan.

16 16 "6 Months Later..." Sandra Bowen March 9, 2001 6.91
6 months later ; Daisy and Andrew are living together and she is pregnant, they are planning their wedding. Brooke was sent to jail for 20 years for the murder of Kate and Ryan. Javier and Jessica get together and become a detective team and she applies for the FBI. Lizzie takes more and more drugs and she ends up killing herself. Betsie discovers Lizzie and she dies in her arms. Emma and Alex unexpectatly kiss and get together. Natalie and Will become good friends. The group give Lizzie a tearful farewell.