All About us Season 1
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Country of origin Ryanland
No. of episodes 13
Original channel RyanTV
Original run November 12, 2008 - March 4, 2009
Home video release
DVD release date R1: July 24, 2009

R2: October 7, 2009 R3: February 1, 2010

Season chronology

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The first season of the Ryanland teen drama television series All About Us premiered on RyanTV on November 12, 2008 and concluded on March 4, 2009 and consists of 13 episodes. All About us was created by Ryan crim who wrote the pilot as well as 4 other episodes in the season. Jessica Bear, Blue, Del and Chimp each signed a three year deal. Barney 1, 2 and 3 signed a two year deal (but ended up renewing them anyway). There are a lot of supporting characters who are also in the season, just not regulars, examples of these are Snowman and Andrew.


The first season follows the lives of the residents of Teddy Island, it is a spin off to 'The Chimp Adventures'. Ryan Bear and Blue are sisters and have a close relationship, they usually give eachother life lessons and relationship tips. Chimp is the love interest of Jessica, but Chimp just likes to have fun. Del is the shy friend and doesn't communicate a lot. The 3 Barney's are twins and have a very close relationship, they did not appear until the last half of the season however. The characters face romances, relationship issues and family obligations. It also introduces a lot of supporting characters aswell.

Cast and charactersEdit

Main castEdit

  • Jessica Bear as Jessica
  • Blue Bear as Blue
  • Chimp Clark as Chimp
  • Del Dolphin as Del
  • Barney 1 Jones as Barney 1
  • Barney 2 Jones as Barney 2
  • Barney 3 Jones as Barney 3

Recurring rolesEdit

  • Snowman Tillman as Snowman
  • Mani Roberts as Mani
  • Alexander Sanders as Alexander
  • Gromit Lookheart as Gromit

Guest starsEdit

  • Valentine Bear as Valentine (2 episodes)
  • Piggy Anderson as Piggy (2 episodes)
  • Quinn Daniels as Quinn (1 episode)
  • Fleur Canes as Fleur (1 episode)


Title Written by Original air date Viewers (millions)
1 1 "The Pilot"Ryan Crim November 12, 2008 4.75
Jessica and Blue move to Teddy Island after the destruction to their old island. They meet all the residents and build relationships with them. Jessica builds a crush on Chimp, but Blue warns her not to move too fast. The 3 Barney's get used to the new residents.
2 2 "The Birthday Party" Tina Billings November 19, 2008 4.27
It's Del's birthday and everyone is excited, exept Blue, she is annoyed because Jessica forgot about her birthday which is the same day. Jessica's crush on Chimp starts to deepen. Del get's excited because she gets a lot of exciting gifts. When Blue reveals it's her birthday, Jessica apologizes but Blue walks away.
3 3 "The Thanksgiving"Sandra Clarkson November 26, 2008 3.19
Thanksgiving on Teddy Island starts with a shock and Blue and Jessica are angry with eachother. Chimp comforts Jessica and she almost tells him about the crush. Barney 1 makes dinner for all of the residents, Snowman, Mani, Alexander and Gromit attend. Snowman persuades Blue to forgive Jessica, but she doesn't listen.
4 4 "The Ticking Clock" Sam Hartford December 2, 2008 3.01
Blue and Jessica still are angry with eachother, despite Snowman's help. Barney 1 enters a cooking competition on Teddy Mainland, and ends up winning and wins a restaurant job on the mainland. Blue tells Chimp about the Jessica crush for the revenge and the other two Barney's are happy and dissapointed about Barney 1's new job.
5 5 "The Arrest" Sam Hartford December 9, 2008 3.07
Barney 1 takes the new job in the restaurant and says a tearful goodbye to the residents, but when she arrives, her boss is being arrested for money fraud. Blue apologizes to Jessica and they forgive eachother, and Chimp confronts Jessica about the crush. Barney 1 gets ready to return to the island.
6 6 "The Quake" Ryan Crim December 16, 2008 3.21
Del and Blue bond in the local club and Blue sings in front of the crowd and they love her. Chimp and Jessica finally get together and Jessica gets so excited. Barney 2 and 3 hear that Barney 1 is returning and set up a party in the gardens. Barney 1 finally gets ready to return and arrives, but before she can be welcomed, the ground shakes and an earthquake strucks.
7 7 "The Destruction" Ryan Crim January 21, 2009 3.12
The aftermath of the earthquake, Barney 2 and 3 wake up and look for the others. Del wakes up on the edge of the island alone with stone around her so she can't see. Jessica wakes up and sees Chimp wedged underneath the glass cabinet. Snowman, Gromit and Alex were allready searching and find Barney 1 lying unconsious. No one has found Blue until Barney 3 finds Blue underneath a wall.
8 8 "The Dissapointing Life" Gareth Johnson January 28, 2009 2.98
Barney 3 screams for the others, but there is an aftershock and she falls into a deep hole. Chimp wakes up and Jessica helps him outside. Barney 2 carries Barney 1 to a safe place and meets Snowman, Gromit, Alexander and Mani there aswell. Del hears shouting and rescues Barney 3 and then sees Blue and calls others. Chimp, despite his broken leg, gets Blue and everyone goes to the safe place. They take Blue to the mainland hospital and almost dies, but revived.
9 9 "The New Career" Sam Hartford February 4, 2009 2.84
The residents have been rebuilding the island and gave it a new look. Chimp and Jessica share their first kiss and go to the mainland for a romantic meal. Barney 1, Barney 3 and Blue are still in the hospital and Barney 1 and 3 are released. When Chimp is on the mainland, someone he knows see's him and offfers him a job offer in Tedville which is on the other side of the country.
10 10 "The Planner" Hannah Evans February 11, 2009 3.17
Chimp has a hard desicion to make, Jessica says she's fine with it, but he can't believe her. Del visits Mani and they develop a relationship and end up in bed together. Blue also developed a crush on Mani, but when she found out about him and Del, she didn't reveal it. Barney 1, 2 and 3 take a night out and reconnect after the earthquake. Jessica visits Chimp and he reveals he will be taking the job offer.
11 11 "The Story" Hannah Evans February 18, 2009 3.11
Jessica speaks to Blue about Chimp and she suggests that they all go for a vacation and visit. Del decides it's best if her and Mani don't be together, and Blue now tells Mani about her feelings. Chimp packs up but Jessica tells him about them coming with him, and he is excited. Mani tells Blue he also had feelings for her, but then she says she's going on vacation, but he will wait for her. All of the friends get ready to go.
12 12 "The Trip" Ryan Crim February 25, 2009 2.97
The friends arrive on the other island and meet up with residents Valentine and Piggy. They all go out for dinner and bond, that is the point when Chimp and Jessica and Blue reveal their relationships. Chimp's new boss is evil and doesn't enjoy it, but it's good money. The Barney's and Del bond with Piggy because of their simular pasts.
13 13 "The Middle Of Nowhere" † Ryan Crim March 4, 2009 3.10
Valentine and Piggy then introduce the others to their other friends Quinn and Fleur. Chimp goes to his boss and tells him he quits his job and his boss screams at him. Jessica and Chimp take a romantic walk and Barney 1 talks to Quinn about their lives. Del goes out with Fleur, but when they do, Fleur falls down a cliff and dies. The group is sad, and so they're about to leave, but Jessica asks Valentine, Piggy and Quinn if they want to come, but Quinn is going to live with her family. But Valentine and Piggy finally agree.


  • denotes a "supersized" episode, running an extended length of 45-50 minutes.